"Having worked in the hospitality industry for 40 years, I thought it time to change things up and get personal.

Sloane’s Corner is named after my third daughter who is 8 years old. Prior to Sloane’s birth, a good friend suggested the name after Sloane Square in Central London. Although she just liked the sound of “Sloane”, which by the way, means Warrior and is of the Irish origin (perfectly suited for my daughter), Sloane Square, London is the intersection of retail, residential, arts, and economic districts. In 2005, it was proposed to revise the landscaping of the square to make it more pedestrian-friendly.

With the completion of a $350 million multi-year redevelopment, Trammell Crow Center’s goal was to become more pedestrian-friendly. Trammell Crow Center has added retail, apartment living, and a 250 room upscale boutique hotel to Downtown Dallas. Sloane’s Corner wants to be at the heart of that community.

Sloane’s Corner satisfies those who need an energized breakfast before starting the day, a quick lunch in between meetings, or an early dinner before the opera. Sloane’s Corner will host much-needed Happy Hours to celebrate the end of a workday. Sloane’s Corner is a relaxed New American Bistro offering good food, crafted cocktails and a seat for everyone."

- Tim McEneny